Aswarm & Thor McIntyre-Burnie

Aka: Thor McIntyre • Thor McBurnie • Thor McB  •  aswarmthing

Artist & Sound Designer. Creative Director of Aswarm (Public Arts Org ) and Swarm Sonics (Sound Design Company).

Current Projects you can see:

IMG_8648 copy IMG_8846 copy• ‘Flying Into the Dawn’.

7th June-20th July 2014.

The Wind Tunnels Project, Farnborough, London UK.         –  An extensive site specific solo commission to re-awaken 3 vast spaces, open to the public for the first time.

• The Speakers 

TBC Nov 2014, @ Oxford Festival of Lights, Oxford, UK.

31st Oct-2 Nov 2014 @ Samhain, Neerplet, Belgum. Art Trail Commission by TAKT Dommelhof and Musica Impulse Centre for Music

TBC 20-28th Sept, Placcc Festival, Budapest (pending funding decision).

5-9th August @ LaStrada, Graz, Austria.

Opening as Britain declared war on Germany 100 yrs ago, in Arch Duke Ferdinand’s home town, in this special version I collaborated with Austria’s leading WW1 Historian Helmut Konrad, a team of 9 Historians co-ordinated by Stefan Benedik, gathering half the content from archived texts (much of which previously unpublished) from the Hinterland during WW1, contextualised with the Tweets from current zones of conflict & resistance.





14th-22nd June 2014. @ Oerol Festival, Island of Terschelling, Netherlands. Europe’s leading festival for site-specific art set in the environment.

Here responding to the WW2 bomb crater forest clearing, we asked visitors a related personal question and over 10 days their input gradually replaced the content anew..


IMG_3920r Pool

• Rites of War : touring Choreographic Performance.

- A collaboration with Darshan Singh Bhuller, Lindsey  Butcher’s Gravity & Levity and BBC Afghanistan Correspondent David Loyn.

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Rites of War – Tour Dates:

May 1st,2nd & 3rd at Stratford Circus, London    •   May 13th & 14th at The Lowry, Salford    •    June 4th & 5th The Lighthouse, Poole    •   June 15th, Mobilsation Festival at Kendrew Barracks    •   For Autumn Tour Dates – watch this space!

Photographer Credits: Shaun Jackson  (Flying Into the Dawn)