The Speakers / Aswarm
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the speakers installation by aswarm

The Speakers

giving voice to the unspoken

Touring Internationally across Europe and as far as the Colombo Art Biennale of Sri Lanka, it is a site-responsive installation and methodology and an ever evolving entity. Designed to tour and inhabit public space, it gives voice to the words of ‘others’, in a local vernacular, as they gather to bring about change on-line and into the street.

Internationally since 2012

A flock of speaker nodes, that pulse with light, occupy a public space, gathered around wood-burners, that heat pots of fresh mint tea.

“During the performance, these disembodied texts come to life, gathered in a public space momentarily breaking down the barrier between the digital world and the reality of human life.”


- Arian, Director of the network of European Festival IN-SITU

Each node speaks an intermittent thread of voiced fragments, originally extracted from Twitter and later at times via local interviews, that describe the struggle to bring about progressive change, via revolution, protest and political descent. The voices we hear, speaking these Tweets drawn from around the world, are however local familiar accents & languages, giving voice to the meta-words of others.

You are invited to ‘gather round the fire’ and walk within the Twittersphere, weaving new narratives between the spoken threads, drinking tea and for a moment transpose your public space with another’s.

It is an interactive study of the Choreography of Assembly
- Paulo Gerbaudo - Tweets & the Streets

The Speakers offers both a ‘simulation of..’ and ‘stimulation for..’ people to gather.

It looks at the increasing ways in which we cypher and share our very ‘real’ lives and experiences through digital and ‘unreal’ text.  - For instance how a young woman amid teargas soaked streets of a revolution, condenses and describes her visceral experience into a Tweet.  The Speakers then gives a human local voice to these ‘texted’ and disembodied words and re-roots them in a very physical, local and multi-sensory experience.

An INSITU network commission under the European framework META. The project evolved from the INSITU & ZEPA commission Boiling Point (2012), with R&D funding from WithOutWalls (UK).

the speakers installation by aswarm








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