The Diasonix Experiment

The Diasonix Experiment

We want to hear about and nurture the deeper sense of ‘listening’ Lockdown has induced within us:


What do we hear when the background hub-bub of traffic and distraction has been dramatically reduced?

Are the birds louder or is it just we’re hearing them more?

As our sensory horizons become confined to our homes, are we becoming more sensitive to nuance? or do we just have less psychological distractions?

We can describe visual things with great detail, but how do we fair with sound & auditory memory?
As we transition back from Lockdown into the new-norm, what are we noticing? .. and how can we retain and hone our newly a-tuned ears ??

We’ve gathered a dynamic team of experienced artists and a scientist who all work with sound in quite different ways to respond to these questions and to create a mechanism / game that invites people to partake in a deep-listening exercise with a friend or relative they’re isolated from.

In the process we hope to learn about how we perceive and articulate descriptions of sound; offer people a scenario to deconstruct an artists work, train their ears and stimulate a discussion about the sounds & altered sense of listening they themselves are noticing in and out of Lockdown.