Threads of the Unsaid by Aswarm
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Threads of the Unsaid

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

What would happen if we wrote and produced a version of Romeo & Juliet without the script and without actors? - and instead drew on our collective memory to crowd-script a play to walk within?

– A residency at the SBT production archives and six week evolving immersive installation designed to encourage visitors to contribute and build a new version of Romeo & Juliet, exploring how one of Shakespeare’s most infamous works resides in the public consciousness.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT)
Stratford Upon Avon
Summer Artist Commission 2018


The play formed a pathway, winding through the very Orchard where Shakespeare woo’d his wife to be, Anne Hathaway. Gold tags adorned with peoples words attached to scarlet red threads weave a web of woo & woe, so as you walk through Acts I-IV, you can explore the play through hundreds of disparate fragments, plucked from our collective memory, adding in your own words where you feel compelled either written on a tag, recorded in the Recollecta Chair or online via the #giveascript challenge.

An exercise in collective script writing, we utilised what people misremembered as much as recalled accurately, included personal reflections and anecdotes on the play and combined these with a series of extracts gathered from the SBT archives including stage directions, cues, show reports; directors notes and Audio Description, voiced & written.

The project culminated in an immersive sound installation that offered a script & play to walk within.

What would happen if we wrote & produced a version of Romeo & Juliet without the script and without actors?








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