Songstreets – coming soon to Brixton

Songstreets – coming soon to Brixton


  • An immersive audio walk through the streets & culture of Brixton.
  • The latest site-specific AR -Experience from Aswarm XR

Really Excited to be putting finishing touches to this new App and site-specific experience for & with Brixton.

– Chiming in with 2023 being 75th Anniversary of the Windrush.

Encounter the characters, stories and songs that make Brixton resonate, in an intimate, moving and ultimately uplifting performance experience. Led from the experience of Black Brixtonites, we journey into the heart & fire of what empowers this unique place.

A collaboration between Indigenous Australian musician Jessie Lloyd, Sound Artist Thor McB, Brixton local Arts Practitioner Tony Cealy and Creative Technologist Leon Barker. Produced by Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival with the support of Arts Council England + UK/Australia Season.

See: AswarmXR App platform ( Update)