A Pier

A Pier

A Pier

@West Pier

Oct ‘00 -May ‘01 Artist Residency @ West Pier, Brighton.    *AP   -Audio-visual creative documentation – Interventions -Artistic advisor. -Collaboration with the Chris Watson recording the starling colony and documenting the pier.


Apr 2001. Artist Residency @Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden.    -Periphonic sound & Light. -Collaborative artist residency with Chris Watson @ the Fylkingen -Following the migration flight of the starling birds from their winter roost in the UK to Sweden. *A


@ www.health-canada-pharmacy.com Wiltons Music Hall AS part of Me & My Shadow =

In Collaboration with Chris Watson. Commissioned by Measure Arts as part of Me and My Shadow  @ Wiltons Music Hall, London. – An 8-channel sound installation. Transposing the beautiful environs of London’s oldest Music hall with sonic environs of the derelict West Pier and its starling colony. (measure-arts.co.uk)


@ BBCRadio4: Ghost Roost: this has good link:

HYPERLINK “http://measure.org.uk/2012/01/chris-watson-and-thor-mcintyre-burnie-the-ghost-roost/” http://measure.org.uk/2012/01/chris-watson-and-thor-mcintyre-burnie-the-ghost-roost/