Aswarm’s director, Artist Thor McB has been commissioned by Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) & Lesnes Abbey to create an audio installation to re-awaken the Abbey Ruins with the voices of the people who use, love, play, walk, climb, run, frolic and hang-out in Lesnes Woods & Abbey (Bexley, SE London).
Over the next 6 weeks Thor will be researching and gathering samples of the voices of local people in a venture designed to understand, illustrate, share and paint a picture of that intangible sense we have that attracts us to visit the woods and spend time amongst tree’s. – Something that has become particularly acute during Lockdown.

“What is it about spending time amongst tree’s thats hard to put your finger on, but is almost a sensation or a feeling or presence that makes this space, this time so important to us, especially now.? – For me it’s similar in a way to how a temple or ancient church can imbue a sense beyond just the bricks & stones of a place, and it’s this intangible something that Im trying gather, study and celebrate here.”

The challenge will be how to do gather these voices during national Lockdown. But there are ways and people are hungry for cultural activity beyond the next streamed series. So Thor is looking to work with people from different local communities to try and figure out the best way to reach and involve people. This starts with a online video meeting on 1st Feb. See Poster here:
We’ll keep posting updates as the project develops.

For more info and to get involved please contact : anne.poole@eea.org.uk

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Commissioned By EEA: https://eea.org.uk/
Lesness Abbey Woods: https://www.facebook.com/lesnesabbey/