The Speakers – Dutch island of Terschelling @ Oerol Festival

The Speakers – Dutch island of Terschelling @ Oerol Festival

The best and certainly most visited version of the The speakers to date. Made manifest in a gorgeous clearing in woodland on the island of Terschelling, next to a WW2 bomb crater come strange forest pool.


We had 800-1200 people come find us in the forest everyday for 9 days! it was intense! but also bloody brilliant, folks stayed for 30mins or more and the feedback was really quite overwhelming. I came away both exhausted, but energised by the result.

In this version I tried a new experiment, by asking a question inspired by the Bomb crater site, asking people to post their answers either via twitter or in-situ, hand written on a luggage tag, suspended on string from the tree’s. People seemed to really dig this and by the end we had literally thousands of them.. As the festival progressed we asked people to also find another persons answer that resonated with them and read it into one of the new recording nodes. I then harvested these throughout the day and slowly replaced the existing spoken content with these, so the installation became increasingly populated by the words and pivotal life moments of the people of Oerol festival, as the festival progressed. Folks thus came back and the piece evolved..


We asked: ” Can you tell us of a moment in your life where something unexpectedly entered your day and changed it?”

More info and documentation to follow, when I get a moment..