Spookshow – with Spymonkey

Spookshow – with Spymonkey

Spookshow – with Spymonkey.  -Just presented a new production and new work in progress  collaboration with hillarious outfit Spymonkey. A site-specific commission by Showzam to mark re-opening of the gorgeous old Winter Gardens of Blackpool, with a revision of the idea of a ‘Spooks Show’ set in and around the Baronial Hall.


A promenade and atmospheric piece, Including  multiple video projections and 13 channels of sound rigged in and around the Baronial Hall Space. – e.g. 6 channels of surround in the Hall, indipendant www.cheapxanaxpriceonline.com trouser shakin subs, Transforming the Renaissance room iinto a derelict old roost, Bass Transducers infesting props with a Poltergeist, a camp white Wheely PA for Aitor’s final scene on a sun lounger and my favourate new follie an extremely  pokey new wireless speaker fitted into a DD bra blasting demonic voices of a possessed ‘Ange’ in a brilliant mashup of Abigails Party, The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby (image above)- A roller-coaster of a show that will hopefully progress for tour. (http://www.spymonkey.co.uk/)