I’m delighted to say we are off in Search of the Uncertain Symphony again!

-This time on a much bigger scale, with 40 + Orchestral musicians from the New London Orchestra (NLO) and Newham Youth Orchestra (NYA).

Exploding the orchestra and creating a symphony to walk within. A further collaboration with the New London Orchestra(NLO) @ The House Mill, London, June 23/24th 2012..

A Site-Specific Orchestral Installation. (see Orchitecture >Menu Page above)


Orchitecture. Pallant House Gallery A Site-specific orchestral installation, exploding the orchestra and Mussorgsky‘s Pictures at an Exhibition around the various rooms and floors of Pallant www.mindanews.com/buy-effexor/ Hosue gallery, creating a symphony to walk within and a transformed synaesthetic gallery experience. An Artist Residency Commission for Eye Music  with musicians from the New London Orchestra (NLO).



Commissioned by English Heritage with the New London Orchestra (NLO). @ Chiswick House, London. Sept. – The first event of a major new Project directed by Thor in collaboration with Architect Ayssar Arida and The New London Orchestra. – An installation using both live and pre-recorded orchestral musicians, 6 channel sound, and live & pre-recorded CCTV. The first steps of the Orchitecture project that continues today.

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