Boiling Point: A Manifestation of a Retweeted Revolution

Boiling Point: A Manifestation of a Retweeted Revolution


The First Protoype version of Boiling Point V1, commissioned and presented as part of a mini winter festival @ Atelier 231, Rouen, France (An In-situ & Meta Commission)

– An interesting Location (love the wall & urban feel and historically apt site), but a difficult Scenario (amongst a whole bunch of other sounds, lights and acts in a quite confined festival site).

Whats goin on??
• A physical & sonic manifestation of a network entity of revolution, as existent in the Twitter-Sphere.
• Each suspended speaker (Rings) features a different voice, reading the Tweets from a different Tweeter, reporting from the revolution in Tahrir Square, Cairo.
• Each speaker has a horn-like tail which illuminates and pulses with light, in response to the readers voice (voices appear and dissapear around you).
• Speakers gather around fires/stoves. The speakers closest to the fire speak regularly (featuring a highly followed Tweet blogger), those further out from the fire speak less frequently (and are less followed on Twitter).

This project has received a Mobility aid and a Writing aid by the IN SITU* network, European network for the artistic creation in public space, in the frame of the META project. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (DGEAC -Culture programme).
Ce spectacle a bénéficié d’une aide à l’écriture et d’une aide à la mobilité du réseauIN-SITU, dans le cadre du projet META. Ce projet a été financé avec le soutien de la Commission européenne (DGEAC – programme Culture)



Boiling Point v1 (Current aswarm project). IN SITU & META (EU) commission for Atelier 231, Rouen, France, as part of Fish & Chips #3.  Also awarded Writing Aid grantto develop project over 2012. -A 48 channel Sound & light Installation.  -A voiced manifestation of revolution drawn from Twitter.

Boiling Point v2.   WithOutWalls R&D Commission (July-Aug) Developing next stage, to incl: Live streaming and Audio Description, AV sculptural design and touring design..