• A late Victorian Bandstand on Brighton Sea front reopened to the public for the first time in 30 years

• A Unique octophonic audio system installed on the bandstand creating an arena of sound

• A range of artists commissioned and invited to create new audio works specifically for the site & surround system

• On: 24hrs / day for 24 days
Mixed live by ARP*, operating in relay sessions from a secret studio installed in the bandstand basement

• 4 x CCTV cameras installed within the speaker units, monitored from the control studio beneath, enabled ARP to respond live to the activity on the bandstand stage

• ARP commissioned:
intermedia artists, authors, musicians, poets, a wild life sound recordist, through to a final day live jam on the bandstand stage by 6 turn-table'ists and 2 ballroom dancers

Commissioned artists included:

Plaid, Chris Watson, Zbigniew Jaroc
Chris Dorley-Brown, Susan Philipsz, Mike Harding,
Stewart Home, Req, Chandalay Choir, Plugin Productions, Geate and Jem Hannam

Produced By:

*ARP (Artists of Retrovert Productions).
Thor Mcb, Jeff Sedgley and Robin Lewis

Commissioned By:

South East Arts , Arts Council of England