Klankenbos -Sound Art Forest

Preparing a new commission to be sited within and responding directly to the unique Klankenbos and Samhain Festival. ( An Art Trail Commission by TAKT Dommelhof and Musica Impulse Centre for Music for Samhain Festival ).  – Here long time old collaborator and artist Toby Jarvis returns to the Aswarm fold.


A new installation, incorporating a new idea – strands of voice activated light barriers that will fan out and divide the forest. This new piece will also adapt a new version of The Speakers that will occupy the forest surrounding this fantastic glass box piece, called Tacet (by Hekkenberg Architects and Paul Beuk). – A sealed cube you can climb into from beneath and observe the forest in silence..( an architectural piece inspired by Cages 4’33”).

This new piece responds both to Tacet and to the centenary of WW1 via the Dodendraad (Wire of Death) which passed near by – a little known piece of local history- an electric fence that was rigged along the length of the border of Belgium and Holland and which severed communities and killed thousands, during the German occupation of WW1..  – A reference that resonates today with the wall in Gaza and ISIS’s refute of the Sykes-Picot Agreement border between Syria and Iraq ( new spoken content gathered within The Speakers for this location and time).

IMG_2097tacet peopleI really like the idea that in this silent glass Tacet cubicle, one can not only experience the forest a new, but also silence the chatter of the web ( i.e. The Speakers suspended outside.).  -In this moment of clarity, there’s also a flipside.. -inside one can scream.. and no-one will hear you..

By temporarily inserting a microphone into the glass cube we’ll open some new avenues:

  • The voice of this person within (should they choose to use it) will ignite strands of light, woven between tree’s. The voice will become manifest as a tool for control, creating barriers & fences, dividing free movement through this public woodland, whilst also providing a moment of wonder!
  • The mic will also provide a platform to speak:  Here one can also ‘speak’ the answer to a question, we’ve carried on from The Speakers in Graz (Austria), about describing a moment in your life when you wished you had not remained silent, and it will be recorded and woven into The Speakers content stream outside, and on into the next incarnation anon.

Below are a couple of other amazing pieces in this Sound art forest:

– a 40′ Flute that you can walk within and feel your trousers do the 10Hz shuffle..immense!

IMG_2049flute IMG_2084boxsBox crates full of various things sit stacked upon springs.. move close and they start shaking and rattling.. then begin responding to themselves in some chaos theoryness..  – possibly one of my favourate pieces of sonic arts I’ve ever come across, brilliant!

ShortFilm about Flying Into The Dawn, by ShyCamera

ShyCamera just finished a short film about my recent project with Farnborough Wind Tunnels, Flying Into The Dawn (an Artliner Commission). This shorter version focuses just on the Q121 building (with the monster 24′ fan). Theres also a full edit which crosses over to the 2nd half of the project in R52 building too (theres a link after credits here or see the WTP page). But this is a good  taster.  – Considering they reci’d and shot it all in one day, I think they did a amazing job. **recorded insitu with a 5.1 mic, its worth donning some headphones 1st**


The Speakers – Austria WW1 Centenary

@ La Strada International Festival, Graz, Austria. – 5-9th Aug 2014

A unique collaboration with Austria’s leading WW1 Historian Helmut Konrad and a team of 9 Historians of the University of Graz, co-ordinated by Stephan Benedik.  Opening as Britain declared war on Germany 100 yrs ago, in Arch Duke Ferdinands home town of Graz. In this manifestation the speakers gave voice to words from the Hinterland describing and proscribing the deep changes and time specific perspectives of their personal life and their www.honeytraveler.com/pharmacy/ city during war. A unique research excersise re-looking at archived texts through the prism of the micro-blogger and the orator. These contemporary voices spoke archived texts (much of which unpublished and some even classified). These perspectives jostled with the voices reading tweets sent from contemporary zones of conflict and resistance.

The mechanism enabled a scenario where people could navigate across both time & space, re-imagining their urban space and contextualising perspectives and era’s.



The Speakers – Dutch island of Terschelling @ Oerol Festival

The best and certainly most visited version of the The speakers to date. Made manifest in a gorgeous clearing in woodland on the island of Terschelling, next to a WW2 bomb crater come strange forest pool.


We had 800-1200 people come find us in the forest everyday for 9 days! it was intense! but also bloody brilliant, folks stayed for 30mins or more and the feedback was really quite overwhelming. I came away both exhausted, but energised by the result.

In this version I tried a new experiment, by asking a question inspired by the Bomb crater site, asking people to post their answers either via twitter or in-situ, hand written on a luggage tag, suspended on string from the tree’s. People seemed to really dig this and by the end we had literally laparkan.com/buy-tadalafil/ thousands of them.. As the festival progressed we asked people to also find another persons answer that resonated with them and read it into one of the new recording nodes. I then harvested these throughout the day and slowly replaced the existing spoken content with these, so the installation became increasingly populated by the words and pivotal life moments of the people of Oerol festival, as the festival progressed. Folks thus came back and the piece evolved..


We asked: ” Can you tell us of a moment in your life where something unexpectedly entered your day and changed it?”

More info and documentation to follow, when I get a moment..


Flying into the Dawn @ The Wind Tunnel Project

In this attempt to wrestle with the one of the earliest and largest wind tunnel in the world 24′ (rising 40′ high and 120m long..), a 4′ one (rising to 15′ and 60m long) and 2 hangers where wind tunnels used to be I have worked myself to the bone.. but I believe its been worth it.

This place rocks so much I’ve made a whole page about it  (see tabs above)

Opens 7th June closes 20th July

IMG_8648 copy




Rites Of War

Fantastic new choreography collaboration with Gravity & Levity, Choreographer Darshan Singh Bhuller, BBC war correspondent David Loyn and Light & Video William Reynolds.

I highly recommend seeing this (Time Outs pick of the month)



• Stratford Circus May 1st -3rd.

• The Lowry: Tue 13 May – Wed 14 May

Wed 4 Jun, 7.45pm Thu 5 Jun, 7.45pm Sun 15 June, 12pm & 3pm

• KENDREW BARRACKS, Rutland 15th June.
More info: a4r.org.uk/events/mobilisation/

Six aerialists and dancers combine their rich visual language with music, film projection and contemporary news commentary in this touching and evocative new production.

Performed on a 6m climbing www.buydiazepamtop.com wall, RITES OF WAR tells the stories of two soldiers serving in wars 100 years and over 3000 miles apart: the Belgian battlefields of the Great War and the streets of present day Kabul.

For over a decade, Lindsey Butcher’s company Gravity & Levity has been at the forefront of aerial dance in the UK. For this new production, the company has collaborated with acclaimed director / choreographer Darshan Singh Bhuller and longtime BBC foreign correspondent David Loyn to unearth first-hand stories and portray intimate images of endurance and hope.


Hangin with me Sole mates

An Installation set within the stairs and foyer of Eastbourne’s gorgeous old Winter Gardens, as part of Our Dancing Feet (Comissioned by Zap Arts and In Road Productions).

IMG_2456The space is populated by pairs of suspended old dancing shoes, fitted with bare speaker cones.. .. each features the voice of people who used to dance in the Winter quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html gardens recalling the hay-day of Ball room dance, intermingled with the voices of early teenagers describing dancing and ‘goin out’ for them in 2014, imagining Nightclubs and the future trajectory of ‘goin out’, along with late teenagers describing the contemporary clubbing scene and their prediction of dance looking into the future.



Colombo Art Biennale

http://colomboartbiennale.com/CAB hoem page pics

Presenting a new version of The Speakers and new Gallery sculptural install, representing England in this fantastic young Biennale of the East.

Following a 1 month residency in Sura Madura commissioned by the  INSITU European Artist Abroad scheme IMG_1371 and commissioned by the CAB Colombo Biennale, I produced a new version of the Speakers Project using materials craftmanship and influences from Sri Lanka. Working with the outstanding Human Rights org Ground Views editor (http://groundviews.org/), Sanjana Hattotuwa, we tracked the Tweets and blog laparkan.com/buy-prednisone/ coverage of a very poignant protest in Sri Lanka #Weliweriya. 

This also lead to a new sculptural piece as a second commission for the Biennale in the JDA gallery, in response to images posted of riot police,  the tweet ” this is not the army we know and love” and the main cooking pot vessel.

More info to follow from this Intense and fascinating project

IMG_1219 IMG_1502cropIMG_1510 Helmet_1360Lowrez


TeXstep  – A new Commission Due to Happen : 16th & 17th Nov 2013.


Taking the trajectory of social dancing from memories of Brighton’s Regents Music Hall to todays Oceana super-club, and beyond, TeXstep asks what would it be like if we didn’t have to be physically there?  ..if we could out-source all the noisy, sweaty awkward, drink & drug fuelled bit and have someone do that for us.

Taking inspiration from a comment made by a former regular of the Regent Dancehall in the 1950’s, Ken Ross, and Slovoj Zizek’s thoughts on the trajectory of Capitalism, the installation explores the nature of intimacy, touch, dance and bodily contact.

Former Regent Dance Hall member, Ken Ross said: “I pity the boys now, as when they so called ‘dance’ (unlike us) they do not hold a girl in their arms. If in my days you.. ask her to dance in a dance hall  ..hey presto you were up close and often in bodily contact.” 

However for me (Thor) the aim is not to judge, but instead to offer an alternate social dance scenario for us to explore. – One that slips times and spaces mixing memories with descriptions and predictions, and even live direct instructions. The results will be varied, funny, weird, detached and engaging, but the experience all the richer for having a go.. Come and enjoy the private suite.

Featuring Performance by:  

TeXstep Instructor Hosts:   Matt Rudkin  & Chrissie Grech

TeXstep’n Perfomers:  Flick Ferdinando — Janine Fletcher — Holly France — Merry Colchester — Joe Mulcrone

TeXstep Hostess’s:  Rebecca ..  & Ellie Warner

MORE info & images to follow:

TeXstep is part of a wider project called: ‘Our Dancing Feet’, produced by Zap Arts  & In Roads Productions.  More info to Follow but for now link: http://ourdancingfeet.carbonmade.com/